Welcome to AB Florida Mortgage!

We live in an increasing fast pace world. Time is one of our most valuable asset. Most people get tired and frustrated after wasting days, weeks or even months of focusing their energy and effort chasing the best rates or the lowest closing cost. Customers agree that meeting with a few local mortgage professionals until they find someone that takes time to answer their questions and concerns in a professional manner and yet on a personal level its a much better use of their time.

Saving time, money and getting a fair deal on anything you buy or service you get makes lots of sense but if you also feel that trust and interpersonal relationships are very important to you and the ones you love, please feel free to contact me or forward my contact information to anyone you feel may benefit from it so we can schedule a meeting and we can both decide if a new life relationship can be build. No business can’t be a success if all parties involved don’t feel they have won on every transaction they have done with each other.

AB Florida Mortgage add’s value to the lives of all our clients, prospects, contacts or anyone we have the pleasure of  communicating with. Our clients will receive a higher value to their life from our relationship than the cost of any of the transactions we engage in.

Whether you are first time home buyer, purchasing your dream home, refinancing an outstanding loan, or consolidating debt, the highly experienced team of mortgage brokers here can help you take that first step toward a financial solution.